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NTT Disruption supports inclusivity and new opportunities in the tech industry
Tuesday, 29 June / 2021
#NTT Disruption
NTT Disruption participated in the allWomen’s Hiring Fair with the aim of contributing to achieve more diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. NTT Disruption participated along with companies such as Accenture, BBVA, Santander, PepsiCo, Glovo, GFT Group and Revolut. In the future, NTT Disruption will continue to participate in other initiatives to reinforce its commitment with a more diverse society and fair employability opportunities.
We embrace the beauty of diversity
Wednesday, 2 June / 2021
#NTT Disruption
In the context of the World for Cultural Diversity Day and LGBTI pride month, we decided to broaden the scope and celebrate how we feel proud of our diversity of talent, cultural backgrounds, languages, and more.
Joint tribute to those fighting against COVID in frontlines.
Sunday, 3 May / 2020
#NTT Disruption
CBRE, Allianz, Discovery, Ebury, Korn Ferry, LinkedIn, Schweppes, Sony, Spaces and NTT Disruption display a large banner in Madrid as a joint tribute to those fighting against COVID. Led by Castellana 200 space, the action is displayed in Castellana 200, Madrid’s modern prime mixed complex quartering these companies.
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