NTT Launches a Global Health and Wellbeing Initiative to Define a Path Toward a Human-Centric Approach
Wednesday, 4 August / 2021
NTT Disruption and other NTT companies today unveiled a global initiative calling for multiple stakeholders to rethink the importance of Health and Wellbeing at every level. The initiative will offer ideas and a set of resources over the coming year, designed to help governments, communities and organizations reexamine their approach to personal health, mental health, social health, as well as worker wellness and equitable access to support a more sustainable future.
NTT Disruption becomes part of NTT Technology Experience Lab
Wednesday, 27 January / 2021
NTT Disruption and NTT's Global Data Centers division have partnered to jointly develop and support cross-industry technology use cases. Specifically, they will concentrate on accelerating latency-intensive applications to increase compute time by up to 90x.
OnWave Summit: Captaining the talent with NTT Data
Tuesday, 23 June / 2020
Growthland, NTT Disruption’s media house and factory, and NTT Data, top global IT services provider, organized an outstanding business innovation summit with world-class speakers to look deeper into the future of work, leadership and talent. Under the title of 'Captaining the Talent', the event welcomed business leaders, innovators and speakers of such standing as Jo Malone, Sean Fitzpatrick, Adah Parris and Steve Cadigan, and was held in Lisbon, Portugal.
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