Welcome to Zela, the zero latency world, for good
Monday, 21 September / 2020
NTT Disruption has launched a new website to communicate one of its key product offerings: Zela.  It Is an initiative that unleashes a zero latency world for faster and better business applications, in proud partnership with , market leader of FPGA acceleration technology.
InCor, everis Brazil, Xilinx, and NTT Disruption are working together to validate Virtual Patient Observation
Tuesday, 15 September / 2020
The Heart Institute (InCor) from the Clinical Hospitals, University of São Paulo Medical School, one of the world’s most recognized centers of academic and clinical excellence in cardio pneumology, has joined forces with everis Brazil, NTT Disruption, and Xilinx, Inc. to test NTT Disruption’s Virtual Patient Observation (VPO), a new technological solution for Intensive Care Units.
XILINX, NTT Disruption and Bigstream come together to provide big data hyperacceleration
Monday, 13 July / 2020
In the world, there is an increasing demand for data consumption and increased performance. Companies must evolve towards more agile and efficient approaches. This requires solutions that adapt to changing customer requirements and evolving technology. At the same time, there is an increased need for large-scale compute environments to consolidate workloads and applications that require exponential storage, compute capacity, throughput, and latency.
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