//Embracing Disruption: Meet Marc Alba, President of NTT Disruption, with the WSJ.
Tuesday, 28 April / 2020
#NTT Disruption

Embracing Disruption: Meet Marc Alba, President of NTT Disruption, with the WSJ.

NTT, global technology and business solutions provider, has partnered with WSJ Custom Content program, to deliver relevant insights that will contribute to a sustainable future. Under this friendship, Marc Alba, President of NTT Disruption, analyzes the phenomenon of Disruption, and how it can be a powerful force for good.

“Tomorrow’s successful companies will be the ones that embrace the opportunities of disruption”, says Marc Alba. A highly topical subject regarding the challenge of digital disruption, radical innovation and technology, today.


Marc Alba covers some of the most intriguing questions around utilizing digital and technology, overviewing examples of successful companies that have embraced the opportunities of disruption. He also presents a good collection of cases in which NTT group is leveraging top disruptive cases for real.


How companies across the market can embrace the opportunities of disruption combing the right technologies and radially new approaches is explain in this useful tech for anyone who is interested in making an impact in the business and market.


Additionally, he offers a view on how to invest in meaningful technologies, illustrating these with smart companies that are showing Research & Development entails working with real business.


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About Marc Alba

With more than 20 years of professional experience in disruption, innovation and IT, Marc Alba is a fully business oriented professional experienced in creating and boosting business opportunities. His deep expertise in both supporting IT and governing processes along with his holistic approach makes him competent in spotting the real needs and problems of firms and departments. He is also keen on innovating both radically (creating new solutions) and incrementally (improving existing solutions). Marc Alba has been involved in launching and managing several multidisciplinary international R&D and innovation projects, as well as mission-critical scenarios. He is author of several management books, including two on innovation management and intrapreneurship: “Stories of E-Searching for new business excellence” and “i-entrepreneurs”.


About NTT Disruption

Last July, 2019 NTT launched NTT Disruption, a new company whose main activity is the creation and development of disruptive solutions leveraging exponential technologies and to produce a real good impact on people’s lives. NTT Disruption’s forces are on creating a disruption factory to co-create, co-validate and co-accelerate disruptive assets with key players in any field. NTT Disruption’s goal is to “create today what really matters for tomorrow”. Currently NTT Disruption is already working in new solutions in Cognitive Social Agents, Liquid Platforms and Phygital Spaces. For more information, visit NTT Disruption website.