One world.

One chance.

Tech as a goal?

Nonsense, Tech as a tool!

Because tech can
change the world for good!


What happens when our President, Marc Alba, gets together with world-class leaders to chat about how tech can lead society for the better?


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    Marc Alba w/
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  • chat #01

    Ramez Naam
    Co-Chair, Energy & Enviro
    at Singularity University
  • chat #02

    Keren Elazari
    Cyber Security Analyst,
    Author & Researcher
  • chat #03

    Robin Chase
    Co-founder of Zipcar,
    Veniam, and NUMO
  • chat #04

    Afdhel Aziz
    Founder and Chief Purpose
    Officer Conspiracy of Love
  • chat #05

    Amy Jo Martin
    NYT Bestselling Author,
    Founder/CEO, Keynote Speaker
  • chat #06

    Brent Bushnell
    CEO of Two Bit Circus
  • chat #07

    Juan Enriquez
    Co-founder, Synthetic Genomics Inc.
    Managing Director Excel Venture Management
  • chat #08

    Joel Cuello
    Professor of The University of Arizona.
    Vice Chair, International AVF
  • chat #09
    Marc Alba w/
    Lorem Ipsum
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+Small Things Big Impact

We believe small gestures can generate a great positive impact. The man who stopped a desert, the woman that disrupted prosthesis… Discover more of them.

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qoute The man who stopped the desert.
qoute The boy who dreams with a clean ocean
qoute Creating 3D bionics prosthesis for kids
qoute The boy who dreams of a clean ocean

+Data for Good

Data is no longer about profit or political turnout. It’s about us and our privacy. We believe data should be from you to you.

That’s why we have partnered with 'Persuasion Machines', a VR production from the The Othrs, the creators of ‘The Great Hack’, to bring to life the invisible world of data.

coming soon

Disrupt for good is not just our corporate claim.

It’s our DNA.

Our idiosyncrasy.

The spirit behind all our initiatives.

Because tech will either be for good or not be at all.

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Our parent company's Tech for good vision inspires us to look beyond CSR to change the world for the better and o it from the core of our activity.

Promoting action and not words, it works on 4 key areas:
— Enrich society
— Protect the environment
— Safety and security
— United NTT

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But how we do it?

But how we do it?


Creating people centric guaranteed products and services.


Using liquid platforms to integrate and engage talent.


a predictive
world for good.

Do you also feel like disrupting for good?

You’re on the right spot because

We’re hiring!

Do you also feel like disrupting for good?

You’re on the right spot because