//Genio+ Inspiration Session, powered by Growthland’s 4DBX
Wednesday, 30 June / 2021

Genio+ Inspiration Session, powered by Growthland’s 4DBX

Vocento, leading multimedia and communications group in Spain and organizer of the Genio+ 2021 with SCOPEN, entrusted Growthland by NTT Disruption to develop a hybrid and high-impact scenario for the virtual event. In response, Growthland materialized the spirit of Genio+ in a pinball-inspired virtual stage. It leveraged on the latest exponential technologies in the areas of virtual production and unreal engine 3D virtual stage using its Fourth Dimension Brand Experiences (4DBX).

“When the pandemic broke out, our life became more technological. We saw Genio+ Inspiration Session as an opportunity to create something different and virtual, with unlimited capacity and accessible, to continue promoting ad-hoc contents and interactions for our industry,” said Rafael Martínez de Vega, General Director of CM Vocento 

“Thanks to Growthland we were able to have the event in a magnificent environment that meshed together the physical and virtual world”, he continued.  


About Genio+

This year, Genio+ centered around the role of the media in brands and contents, with the title: “Brands, Media and Content: from storytelling to storyscaping”. Realms that have become especially relevant for journalists and advertising professionals.  

Genio+ was conducted by Rafael Martínez de Vega, General Director of CM Vocento and Kika Samblás, Founding Partner and Managing Director at SCOPEN: 

With Growthland’s 4DBX, we teleported to a magical space and connected in a different way with guests far away from where we actually are,”  said Kika Samblás, Founding Partner and Managing Director at SCOPEN. 


During the event, Gastón Legorburu, Founder and CEO of Glue IQ, and Fernando de Córdoba, Brands Content Director at Prodigioso Volcán reviewed some of the most relevant aspects of brand’s storytelling. 

Legorburu talked about the importance of brands incorporating the audience as part of their stories.“If you can become part of someone’s story, it’s a lot more memorable”, he assured. 

On the other hand, Fernando de Córdoba talked about how audiences seek to develop new valuable relationships of trust with brands. “Brands are part of the definition we make of ourselves. They have an emotional bond and purpose. This is what generates added value and what we need to work on,”  he exposed. 

From left to right: Gaston Legorburu, Founder and CEO of Glue IQ and Fernando de Córdoba, Brands Content Director at Prodigioso Volcán

Growthland created the perfect scenario for Legorburu and Córdoba to pinpone their ideas on the future of brands and content. 

Behind the Pinball

For the event, Vocento hired Growthland to create a new communication experience, that brought together the physical and digital worlds. An experience that dissolved space and distance and completely customized with speakers connected from different locations in real time. The presenters made their entrance through a magical portico accompanied by a sci-fi speaker entrance and exit portal. All customized with visual elements of Pinball, where interaction was the axis conveying the exchange of knowledge and interaction. The magic was made possible with:  

  • Personalized main 3D poster for the pinball storytelling
  • Virtual ad-hoc scenario that mixed the editorial world of Vocento, Genio+ and CMVocento through pinball
  • Real-time video recording
  • Real and virtual multicamera production
  • Remote feeds for guests
  • Livestreaming
  • AR elements including typewriter, portico entrance, introduction platform, personalized and multi texture screens, pinball ‘ball’ motion graphic and visualizing space for 3D and AR objects (available)

For Vocento, Growthland produced a virtual and unique event experience that promoted a fluid exchange of ideas to shine a light on insightful thoughts.

Did you like this revolutionary scenario? Explore how Growthland’s 4DBX can help take your next event to new dimensions, thanks to cutting-edge tech.

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