//Growthland, the new proposal to accelerate marketing disruption combining technology & creativity
Monday, 15 March / 2021

Growthland, the new proposal to accelerate marketing disruption combining technology & creativity

In a complex environment where marketing needs scalable technology more than ever, Growthland arrives to fulfill that necessity. It is the new disruptive marketing initiative from NTT Disruption, a division of the Japanese technological giant NTT Inc.

Growthland, arises from the fusion of data, creative talent, and technology. It will be launched in Spain with two innovative solutions focusing on content and the experience generation: Smart Scalable Content (SSC) and Fourth Dimension Brand Experiences (4DBX).

“Growthland will be launched exclusively in the Spanish market with two solutions that aim to help brands and agencies grow from a sustainable point of view, accelerating their digital transformation” says Fernando Lázaro, CMO at NTT Disruption & Head of Growthland. “With Growthland we are providing Disruptive Marketing as a service model, based on co-creation, co-validation and co-acceleration with clients and partners to deliver disruptive marketing solutions” he adds.

Smart Scalable Content (SSC)

The first of these solutions is the platform Smart Scalable Content (SSC).  A new way of working that brings together data, technology, and creative talent to deliver quality digital content in a faster, better and cost-effective way. Through a semiautomated end-to-end process, the platform suggests insights, gathered through data and AI to help connect brands with the creatives who are involved in the process. Using these insights, the creative team can work on content proposals that are produced and distributed automatically.

Fourth Dimension Brand Experiences (4DBX)

The second of these solutions is, Fourth Dimension Brand Experiences (4DBX). It is an unprecedented solution for creating branded virtual worlds and universes. It works with the latest audiovisual production and gaming technologies. 4DBX can be used for events, virtual venues or audiovisual productions like series or movies. It is aimed to be an answer to the current context of pandemic and new ways of consuming digital channels.

With Growthland, NTT Disruption is introducing itself to the market where other companies from the NTT Group, such as everis or NTT DATA already exist, with the aim of accelerating and easing the scalability and digital transformation of brands and agencies.

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About NTT Disruption
In 2019 NTT launched NTT Disruption, a new company dedicated principally to the creation and development of disruptive solutions leveraging exponential technologies to generate a positive impact on people’s lives. Its goal is to “create today what matters for tomorrow”. It is already working on new solutions involving including: jibo, a social robot oriented to B2B2Human; Zela, an acceleration initiative that uncovers a zero-latency world; Cokoon, an experience enabler and manager for intelligent and immersive spaces and distributed workforces and Growthland. We disrupt for good, to impact everyone everywhere.

About NTT
NTT is NTT Disruption’s parent company. As a global technology and business solutions provider, NTT believes in contributing to society through business operations by applying technology for good. NTT services help clients accelerate their growth and develop new business models. These services include digital business consulting, technology and managed services for cybersecurity, applications, workplace, cloud, data centers and networks all supported by deep industry expertise, innovation and solutions.