//Growthland introduces its enhanced virtual event experience with Marc Alba and Afdhel Aziz
Tuesday, 17 November / 2020

Growthland introduces its enhanced virtual event experience with Marc Alba and Afdhel Aziz

Two visionaries, two different locations. Brought together thanks to Growthland technology.

Technology is at the heart of NTT Disruption. In an effort to adapt to the new scenario that demands greater virtual opportunities, Growthland has organized “Chats For Good”, an enhanced virtual event to test a Proof of Concept for the future of remote productions. This instance was conducted by Marc Alba, President and CEO of NTT Disruption. He spoke with Afdhel Aziz, co-author of Good is the new cool and co-founder of Conspiracy of love.

Chats For Good leveraged on the latest exponential technologies in the areas of virtual production, cloud and digital technologies. In this opportunity, the company has empowered and facilitated an enhanced virtual live event, powered with unreal engine and 3D virtual stage technologies. It has made it possible using virtual support screens and smooth camera movements, granted with zero latency capabilities from its Virtual Production Studio.

With this event, NTT Disruption has reinforced its commitment with technology for good, helping businesses and global companies adapt to this unprecedented and challenging period. It was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of Growthland in partnership with MRFactory.

Both speakers were connected from different parts of the globe and with low latency and briefed before the event to set-up and work around this remote approach and get their signals integrated live into a custom-made virtual stage.

During their chat, Marc Alba and Afdhel Aziz spoke on a live remote experience about some of the world’s current challenges, thanks to the power of cutting-edge technologies for audio-visual production like VFX, CGI, animation and motion capture in real-time, AR stages, live streaming, cloud and digital technologies, which enabled managing the production on a remote and decentralized way.

“We need to challenge global companies to take risks and solve real problems in society”

During the conversation, Afdhel, emphasized on the need to challenge global companies to take risks and solve real problems in society. From his perspective, business and worldwide leaders need to focus on purpose-led initiatives that will be profitable, measurable, and scalable, to make a real impact.

Marc and Afdhel also talked about hot topics like the Cambridge Analytica scandal and its impact in American society, Covid-19, the Black Lives Matter Movement, the role of social media and how companies are taking stances in all these issues.

Highly topical subjects shaping our world and fostering the need to re-connect and seek for new opportunities and solutions. Thanks to the power of Growthland Virtual Production Studios, and cloud and digital technologies, people can re-connect in an enhanced virtual event experience, to create what really matters for tomorrow.

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