//Joint tribute to those fighting against COVID in frontlines.
Sunday, 3 May / 2020
#NTT Disruption

Joint tribute to those fighting against COVID in frontlines.

CBRE, Allianz, Discovery, Ebury, Korn Ferry, LinkedIn, Schweppes, Sony, Spaces and NTT Disruption display a large banner in Madrid as a joint tribute to those fighting against COVID. Led by Castellana 200 space, the action is displayed in Castellana 200, Madrid’s modern prime mixed complex quartering these companies.

The initiative pays tribute to all the communities that are in the front line fighting with the pandemic, protecting all of us and letting society continue. Doctors, nurses and the medical staff, security and safety forces, aid services, the ones in charge for cleaning and arrangement and also those providing the basic services such a supermarket or teleassistance. This is a massive acknowledge to their work and sacrifice during the COVID-19 times.

A humble initiative that pursuits the recognition of all the professionals and the need of protecting them in what is the frontline of the pandemic.

“Health professionals labor is unspeakable. We want to extend this recognition to them and the rest of professionals fighting against the pandemic”

Additionally, NTT Disruption has launched a number of actions to fight against the virus:

NTT Disruption: Challenge For Good

Day 17th of April, NTT Disruption along with it’s team member Sandro Gori launched #ChallengeForGood, a digital challenge with the mission of ensuring health professionals hydration during Covid-19, in a context where hospital shifts are becoming longer and PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) is making doctors, nurses and lab technicians unable to drink water in 8 hours. The challenge is a call to worldwide disruptors, to jointly come up with a solution that easy health professionals hydration, without wasting or changing masks (mainly FFP2 or FFp3) or other PPEs.  The challenge is opened to everyone, and responses have been positive: