NTT Launches a Global Health and Wellbeing Initiative to Define a Path Toward a Human-Centric Approach
Wednesday, 4 August / 2021
NTT Disruption and other NTT companies today unveiled a global initiative calling for multiple stakeholders to rethink the importance of Health and Wellbeing at every level. The initiative will offer ideas and a set of resources over the coming year, designed to help governments, communities and organizations reexamine their approach to personal health, mental health, social health, as well as worker wellness and equitable access to support a more sustainable future.
NTT and Growthland’s 4DBX enable Tour de France Virtual Sports Live Show
Thursday, 8 July / 2021
NTT -Official Technology partner of the Tour de France- entrusted Growthland’s 4DBX -the disruptive marketing initiative from NTT Disruption- to produce Tour de France Virtual Sports Live Show. The live stream and virtual production explored how NTT has been providing the core tech of Le Tour, from NTT Virtual Sports Studio. Thanks to Growthland’s Fourth Dimension Brand Experiences (4DBX) technology, NTT brought together the physical and digital worlds. It connected six speakers from different locations in an enhanced virtual scenario, that leveraged on the latest exponential technologies in the areas of virtual production, cloud and digital technologies.
Genio+ Inspiration Session, powered by Growthland’s 4DBX
Wednesday, 30 June / 2021
Vocento, leading multimedia and communications group in Spain and organizer of the Genio+ 2021 with SCOPEN, entrusted Growthland by NTT Disruption to develop a hybrid and high-impact scenario for the virtual event. In response, Growthland materialized the spirit of Genio+ in a pinball-inspired virtual stage. It leveraged on the latest exponential technologies in the areas of virtual production and unreal engine 3D virtual stage using its Fourth Dimension Brand Experiences (4DBX).
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