//NTT Disruption and The Othrs expose the invisible world of data with ‘Persuasion Machines’
Sunday, 3 May / 2020
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NTT Disruption and The Othrs expose the invisible world of data with ‘Persuasion Machines’

Over human history we have never given so much information about ourselves and our lives as we are now revealing. The free culture prevented us from realizing we are actually paying with our own data, becoming the product with it. We are all living in one Persuasion Machine.

NTT Disruption, the disruptive company of NTT has partnered with filmmaker production company ‘The Othrs(producers of the acclaimed ‘The Great Hack’), to promote and scale the VR experience and its message around the responsible use of data. This creation counts with award winning screenwriters, artists, directors, and world class technologists like American rapper, singer, songwriter record producer Will.I.Am, Kamir Amer, Egyptian-American filmmaker or Guvenz Ozel, architect-technology-researcher.

Thanks to the powerful combination of Art & Technology, Persuasion Machines is a unique virtual reality content experience that immerses the audience into the invisible process of data collection, enabling people to experience how their digital footprint is used to shape their reality, with one motive: the need of a responsible use of data and technology. A shared concern of NTT Disruption and ‘The Othrs’ that join forces to actively pursue the use of technology for good, achieving a broader global awareness and perception of the critical need of data for good in society and business, resolving this social issue to shape a better world:

Data is no longer about profit or political turnout. It’s about us and our privacy. We believe data should be from you to you. That’s why we have partnered with Persuasion Machines, a VR production of ‘Othrs’ filmmakers, creators of ‘The Great Hack’, to bring to life the invisible world of data” Fernando Lázaro, CMO NTT Disruption.

Both parties have agreed to help each other with the common objective to promote and enhance the impact of Persuasion Machines through joint activities and actions, using faith efforts to support the activation with specific focus on the movie and arts industry ecosystem:

Premiered at Sundance Festival 2020

Persuasion Machine VR experience was successfully premiered at the Sundance Festival 2020. Users were led into a creative VR production journey of PORTALS and 5 Sense Immersive Rooms Experiences over a real mapped space with VR HTC high-end kit virtual system. Persuasion Machine portals show the consequences of having data harvested by different devices and actors, exposing the invisible process of data collection through an extraordinary 2D engaging immersive experience:

“This VR living room lets you step inside a data privacy nightmare”

“Looking for the New at the 2020 Sundance New Frontier”

“VR Living Room Shows How Smart Devices Are Manipulating Us”

Coming Soon

Persuasion machines will be available in the Steam VR platform and compatible with HTC Vive HMD VR kits. Stay tuned!

About The Othrs

The Othrs is a team of professionals looking to take the road less traveled in media production and visual storytelling. We aim to produce content from a perspective that captures the triumph of our products. Coming from a contemporary, team-oriented, and active background, we infuse each project with bold energy to ensure differentiation across a wide swath of markets. From social media posts to professional grade photographs and commercial quality videos, The Othrs caters to all media production needs efficiently, effectively, and economically.

For more information about The Othrs visit: https://www.the-othrs.com/

About NTT Disruption

Last July, 2019 NTT launched NTT Disruption, a new company whose main activity is the creation and development of disruptive solutions leveraging exponential technologies and to produce a real good impact on people’s lives. NTT Disruption’s forces are on creating a disruption factory to co-create, co-validate and co-accelerate disruptive assets with key players in any field. NTT Disruption’s goal is to “create today what really matters for tomorrow”. Currently NTT Disruption is already working in new solutions in Cognitive Social Agents, Liquid Platforms and Phygital Spaces.

For more information about NTT Disruption, visit http://nttdisruption.com/