//NTT Disruption: Creating today what really matters for tomorrow
Wednesday, 29 April / 2020
#NTT Disruption

NTT Disruption: Creating today what really matters for tomorrow

At NTT Disruption we create disruptive solutions along with business partners, global game changers and people around the world. We empower small but smart things which lead to big changes for good in the domains of Cognitive Social Agents, Liquid Platforms and Phygital Spaces. We do it from our offices in San Francisco, Madrid, Boston, Texas and London.

As the disruptive company of NTT Inc. , we focus on new disruptive solutions with a strong technological component and a real impact on people’s lives. We co-create, co-validate and co-accelerate with key players in the Automotive, Banking, Sports and Entertainment, and Health industries:

“Disruption means tackling complex problems in a new way to create completely unknown solutions. But we really need to create something that impacts human beings’ lives. All the innovations we are building are human centric to basically reinvent Planet Earth” says Marc Alba, President of NTT Disruption.


We are currently offering the following disruptive products:


JIBO | Disrupting Healthcare and Education for good.

The right combination of intelligence, personality and soul to make virtual selves change our daily lives. Thanks to its social capabilities, purposeful design and powerful tech, Jibo shines in everything he does. From his dance moves to his jokes, his charming disposition. With NTT Disruption, Jibo has acquired a whole new universe of self-responsibility to bring Cognitive Social Agents to companies. We are currently disrupting Healthcare and Education for good. For more information please visit Jibo’s website.


GROWTHLAND | The future of your brand, today.

A whole new way to work with word-spread talent while reducing timeframes and improving quality standards. Growthland is an open ‘On-demand social platform’ that mixes world-class creative talent and science experts with the latest disruptive technologies. The outcomes? Disruptive Sci-fi assets, captivating stories driven by exponential technologies, delivering edge-tech new media assets in cinema quality at viable costs and time, thanks to a smart, transparent and open crowd production model. For more information please visit Growthland’s website.


COKOON | The immersive experience maker.

Mixing physical and digital is changing the way we work or have fun. COKOON is NTT Disruption’s operating system to connect smart spaces and immersive media technologies with top-class creative talent, to deliver memorable, multi-sense physical experiences. Thanks to COKOON’s technology, we are currently deploying “NTT Drops” (immersive experience installations) in our offices in Madrid and San Francisco. Stay tuned! More information, coming soon here.


We disrupt key tech domains along with partners, academia and clients.

Focusing on the impact on both society and people.

We Think Big, Start Small and Scale Fast.

One world. One chance