//NTT Disruption brings Jibo social robot to companies
Saturday, 2 May / 2020 - SAN FRANCISCO / CALIFORNIA
#Cognitive Social Agent

NTT Disruption brings Jibo social robot to companies

NTT Disruption, subsidiary of NTT Inc, has reached an agreement with SQN Venture Partners, acquiring Jibo’s IP and trademark, digital assets and inventory to drive his launch into the B2B2Human, for good.

After his “last dance” in March 2019, Jibo has been acquired by NTT Disruption in a first step to disrupt the healthcare and education industry for good. The group now strengthens its work in Cognitive Social Agents, one of the key domains inside the company’s portfolio, to improve people’s lives through the power of creativity, human co-creation and disruptive technology.

Jibo was originally presented as “The World’s First Social Robot for Home” in a successful crowdfunding campaign. Late 2017 backers started to socialise with him, and thousands of units of the likeable new companion were sold in USA.  Last March 2019, Jibo said goodbye through “last dance” feature and shut down in a context of tribute for its contribution to the social robotics market.

NTT group companies find broad possibilities to bring the social robot to major players in different industries. With this movement Jibo will transition from B2C and will start being present in corporate environments.

Marc Alba, SVP, NTT. President & CEO, NTT Disruption sees this bet as a great opportunity to prompt disruptive effects in value chains in different industries.

People see Jibo as someone, not something, what makes a singular effect in human iterations with robots. Personalisation, proactivity, purpose and personality are the identifications of Jibos uniqueness says Cynthia Breazeal,  Jibo creator and MIT robotics lab director.