//XILINX, NTT Disruption and Bigstream come together to provide big data hyperacceleration
Monday, 13 July / 2020

XILINX, NTT Disruption and Bigstream come together to provide big data hyperacceleration

In the world, there is an increasing demand for data consumption and increased performance. Companies must evolve towards more agile and efficient approaches. This requires solutions that adapt to changing customer requirements and evolving technology. At the same time, there is an increased need for large-scale compute environments to consolidate workloads and applications that require exponential storage, compute capacity, throughput, and latency.

Xilinx and NTT Disruption have formed an alliance to address this trend. In turn, NTT Disruption is collaborating closely to provide an acceleration technology that speeds up the Spark big data analytics platform. Bigstream is one of Xilinx’s key ISVs that has created disruptive products by leveraging Xilinx acceleration technologies.

Bigstream technology accelerates big data & Analytics on Spark with zero code change

As input data volumes continue to grow, new big data workloads have inspired a new generation of tools such as Apache Hive and Apache Spark, that are pushing advanced analytics into the mainstream.

Until now, there was no automated way for big data platforms such as Spark to leverage advanced field programmable hardware. Bigstream hyperacceleration automates the process of acceleration for users of such platforms.

It’s key benefits include:

    • Improved performance for data analytics via automatic programming of workloads onto Xilinx FPGA’s, using bitfile templates.
    • A transparent hardware acceleration solution for Spark environments
    • Up to 10x acceleration ration with no changes in the environment’s configuration
    • TCO efficiencies (Total Cost of Ownership)

Bigstream’s solution enables companies to implement this technology into the company’s existing infrastructure with zero code change, offering up to 10x acceleration capacity. It can potentially deliver between 30-50% TCO savings, depending on the company’s infrastructure architecture.

The alliance between NTT Disruption, Xilinx and Bigstream will help bring this solution to a wide range of clients in different verticals. Together they are bringing the simplicity of scalability to the acceleration world.

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