//NTT and Growthland’s 4DBX enable Tour de France Virtual Sports Live Show
Thursday, 8 July / 2021

NTT and Growthland’s 4DBX enable Tour de France Virtual Sports Live Show

NTT -Official Technology partner of the Tour de France- entrusted Growthland’s 4DBX -the disruptive marketing initiative from NTT Disruption- to produce Tour de France Virtual Sports Live Show. The live stream and virtual production explored how NTT has been providing the core tech of Le Tour, from NTT Virtual Sports Studio. Thanks to Growthland’s Fourth Dimension Brand Experiences (4DBX) technology, NTT brought together the physical and digital worlds. It connected six speakers from different locations in an enhanced virtual scenario, that leveraged on the latest exponential technologies in the areas of virtual production, cloud and digital technologies.

“We may not be watching the Tour de France live from the beautiful French countryside, but we’re in the next best place -together, in the front row of our Tour de France Virtual Sports Studio”, said NTT Ltd, Official Technology Partner of Le Tour.


Tour de France Virtual Sports Show 2021

Conducted by Sport Presenter and journalist Semra Hunter, the virtual event production welcomed Mark Renshaw, ex-professional Cyclist from Australia, Peter Gray, Senior Vice President of Advanced Technology Group at NTT Ltd., Rob Webster, Vice President of Advanced Technology Group, NTT Ltd., Yann Le Moenner, CEO Amaury Sports Organization, and HannahWalker, Ex-Cyclist and Cycling Commentator, and Tim Wade, Vice President of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT Ltd.

NTT Virtual Stage general view. Close shot on the host Semra Hunter
AR elements integration


All speakers were connected in real-time from different locations, breaking the boundaries of space and distance in a completely customized scenario that evoked the spirit of the Tour de France.

Behind the Scenes

The magic was made possible thanks to unreal engine -with which Growthland managed the virtual scenario and ARs- and an NDI network, to capture remote signals in real-time:

  • Virtual ad-hoc scenario that mixed the world of The Tour de France, NTT and the cast of presenters
  • Real-time video recording
  • Real and virtual multicamera production
  • Camera tracking technology
  • Remote feeds for guests
  • Livestreaming

“With Growthland’s 4DBX, we were able to create and produce unprecedented formats, using the most advanced technologies,” assured Ronald Martinez, Experience Disruptor at NTT Disruption. “Virtual but true. Our VFX tech lets us mix real and virtual objects in real-time. We can make brands exist in all realities: augmented, virtual or mixed,” he concluded.

Re-live Tour de France Sports Show by clicking here and explore the endless possibilities of Growthland’s 4DBX, and how it can help take your Sports Show to new dimensions, thanks to cutting-edge tech. 




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