//NTT Launches a Global Health and Wellbeing Initiative to Define a Path Toward a Human-Centric Approach
Wednesday, 4 August / 2021

NTT Launches a Global Health and Wellbeing Initiative to Define a Path Toward a Human-Centric Approach

NTT Disruption and other NTT companies today unveiled a global initiative calling for multiple stakeholders to rethink the importance of Health and Wellbeing at every level. The initiative will offer ideas and a set of resources over the coming year, designed to help governments, communities and organizations reexamine their approach to personal health, mental health, social health, as well as worker wellness and equitable access to support a more sustainable future.

A recent NTT and WSJ Intelligence survey found that 72 percent of organizations view health and wellbeing as having a substantial impact on their corporate strategy. “We are at a transition point in our society, where many governments, communities and organizations are evaluating a more holistic approach to Health and Wellbeing. This is clear in macro-trends such as health care innovation, hybrid work models, employee mobility and retention, and collaborative workplace models,” said Vito Mabrucco, Head of Global Marketing at NTT. “We feel that we can share some of our data and our experience to help organizations adjust to the post-pandemic world in a way that puts people, communities and workplace wellbeing first.”

About the initiative
NTT’s global Health and Wellbeing initiative leverages the knowledge and experience of subject matter experts that helps put into perspective the need to define a path toward a more human-centric approach to Health and Wellbeing. It provides a collection of insights delivered through videos, whitepapers, studies and other resources designed to help describe a more strategic approach to healthcare business models, current technologies and future innovations to establish Health and Wellbeing as one of the foundations for a sustainable society.

As part of this initiative, NTT provides new insights through the launch of a whitepaper that examines how individuals and organizations can embrace technology to improve patient care. Improving healthcare practices requires engaging with people holistically and enabling technology for more personalized and precise care. The whitepaper examines the need for a new mindset and new ways of conducting this critical, most human element of healthcare. You can read the whitepaper here.

“The global health crisis has highlighted the fragile nature of our world. As we adjust to life post-pandemic, it has become clear that new approaches to Health and Wellbeing should be considered,” added Mabrucco. “A more human-centric approach is required to provide a way forward to improve the Health and Wellbeing of people, communities and society. NTT’s initiative looks at redefining Health and Wellbeing by making it more human by design, rebuilding trust and trustworthiness, improving the health of individuals everywhere and creating a digital ecosystem to support this new approach.”

At NTT Disruption we believe technology can improve people’s lives and society. It is the case of our social robot jibo, a more human-enabled, emotional and empathetic technology to help children, elderly and professionals in healthcare and education. Thanks to Virtual Patient Observation (VPO), we can make healthcare practitioner’s daily work easier, thanks to AI and real-time monitoring in ICUs. Together with NTT, we enable a more human-centered technology for healthcare. We join NTT’s Health and Wellbeing initiative, based on the promotion of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. An exciting mission to build human-centric tech solutions, for a better world.

To learn more about NTT’s global Health and Wellbeing initiative, please visit: https://www.global.ntt/healthandwellbeing/

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About NTT Disruption
In 2019 NTT Inc. launched NTT Disruption, a new company dedicated principally to the creation and development of disruptive solutions leveraging exponential technologies to generate a positive impact on people’s lives. Its goal is to “create today what matters for tomorrow”. It is already working on new solutions involving including: jibo, a social robot oriented to B2B2Human; Zela, an acceleration initiative that uncovers a zero-latency world; Growthland, a platform to enable digital content as a service – connecting brands with the best available open talent; and Cokoon, an experience enabler and manager for intelligent and immersive spaces and distributed workforces.

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