//OnWave Summit: Captaining the talent with NTT Data
Tuesday, 23 June / 2020

OnWave Summit: Captaining the talent with NTT Data

Growthland, NTT Disruption’s media house and factory, and NTT Data, top global IT services provider, organized an outstanding business innovation summit with world-class speakers to look deeper into the future of work, leadership and talent. Under the title of 'Captaining the Talent', the event welcomed business leaders, innovators and speakers of such standing as Jo Malone, Sean Fitzpatrick, Adah Parris and Steve Cadigan, and was held in Lisbon, Portugal.

People are the most valuable asset in the digital business world. Digital natives are entering the workforce, the relationship between employee and employer is changing, and digitalization is making smarter leadership necessary. How can businesses face the challenge of adapting to change, recruiting, and retaining talent?

Thanks to the panel of experts, the OnWave Summit provided insight and inspiration regarding the latest trends in leadership, talent and the future of work, highlighting key strategies to succeed in delivering a truly desirable workplace to multi-generational teams, how technology can help enhance human experience, and how to build organizational and collaborative cultures.

Leading to win

Mariano Sigman, Global TED Speaker, Neuroscientist and Author
“Rational decisions and gut feelings are not that different”, says Mariano Sigman, who argues how gut feeling also results from heavy calculations and evaluating consequences. For him, leaders have huge confidence that can be expressed in a variety of ways, although he warns about the negative consequences of an exaggerated sense of confidence.

Sean Fitzpatrick, Former Captain of the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team and Expert in Leadership, Teamwork and Competitiveness
“The way we were doing it yesterday was not good enough to win tomorrow”, says Sean Fitzpatrick. He believes in the power of preparation, key to succeeding in business and life. A promoter of diversity, Sean states that doing good is the path to achievement

Swen Rehders, NTT DATA’s CEO of EMEA and Germany
“You need to give people a good purpose to what they do”, says Swen Rehders, absolute advocate of leading by example and empowering people, two key elements which, in his opinion, should be implemented at any organization through processes and structures that also ensure these are achieved. With a focus on dialogue and inspiration to motivate teams, he recommends embracing diversity and flexible working schemes.

Creating Olympian Values

Jo Malone, Founder and Creative Director, Jo Loves
“One of our core values as a company is Olympian values”, says Jo Malone, who encourages business to set up high but achievable goals, set on team effort for everyone to succeed. After many years of leadership experience after starting as an entrepreneur, Jo Malone stresses the importance of moving people forward with small teams.

Meaning in the workplace

Simon Williams, CEO NTT DATA UK
“The most successful businesses all have psychological safety at their core”, says Simon Williams, who believes in organizations that accept the existence of mistakes to learn from them. He argues people should be comfortable with this idea and avoid fear. He adds it is important to make people be themselves in the workplace, especially for the younger generations.

Steve Cadigan, Founder Cadigan Talent Ventures
“I believe organizations in Silicon Valley commit 100% to hiring the best team”, says sought-after talent advisor and former CHRO for LinkedIn, Steve Cadigan. He delves into the topic of meaning and why it’s so important for young people today. He suggests analyzing in depth the skills needed, not today but as part of a 10-year business plan.

Entrepreneurial culture

Adah Parris, Futurist, Cultural Innovator, Board Advisor and Keynote Speaker
“Having a diverse workforce improves innovation because people are curious”, says Adah Parris. Just as individuals have multiple personas, organizations should embrace that beauty and foster major synergies and improve innovation. It’s always better to bring more perspectives to the table.

Dieter Loewe, Managing Director and Chief Client Officer at NTT DATA Germany
“Culture is everything”, says Dieter Loewe. In his experience, it is not about the salary or the career, but the working environment, and he adds how it is key to motivate smart people with transparency, information, patience, and openness.

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