//We embrace the beauty of diversity
Wednesday, 2 June / 2021
#NTT Disruption

We embrace the beauty of diversity

In the context of the World for Cultural Diversity Day and LGBTI pride month, we decided to broaden the scope and celebrate how we feel proud of our diversity of talent, cultural backgrounds, languages, and more.

“We strive to solve social issues by utilizing a diverse range of human capital and by producing innovation in new areas, says Jun Sawada, President of NTT. 

Some examples of NTT’s initiatives for diversity and inclusion are child and nursing care initiativesactive participation of people with disabilitiesLGBTQ initiatives, global initiatives to develop a work environment where diverse employees can feel inclusive, diverse work styles for a better life balance, well-being and engagement, among many others. We feel proud to embrace the beauty of diversity with our parent company NTT and our group partners.  

“Diversity” is synonymous with “variety”, which is something inherent to NTT: present in +70 countries and regions with a network of over +190 countries and regions worldwide, and 3100,000 employeesIn NTT Group and NTT Disruption, we celebrate diversity in all its forms. 

Diversity in NTT Disruption

At NTT Disruption we are 100 good mad people from more than 11 different countries: Spain, United States, the UK, Italy, Congo, Greece, Romania, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Japan.

A diverse, fun, and multicultural team that never stops and rolls their sleeves for whatever it takes. That’s why we are totally focused on our people. We empower our teams by implementing three key strategies: 

1. WE CELEBRATE TALENT DIVERSITY: We all have strengths and weaknesses, but diversity and teamwork balance everything out.

2. WE OWN TO BELONG: When things feel yours, performance improves for good.

3. WE DON’T FEAR FAILURE: Failure fuels learning and it’s always part of a successful process.

This month, we want to take the opportunity to highlight the beauty of diversity and celebrate it together. Follow us on our social media and stay tuned for what we have prepared for you this month!