//Welcome to the future of your brand with Growthland
Thursday, 25 June / 2020

Welcome to the future of your brand with Growthland

Growthland, NTT Disruption’s media house and factory, has launched a new website to showcase its disruptive sci-fi assets, captivating stories and cutting-edge-tech media assets, driven by exponential technologies, accompanied by useful insights and white papers, in an interactive and aesthetic manner.

Growthland, the digital marketing content creation and production platform of NTT Disruption, has launched a disruptive new website, providing access to the best open-source talent and communities using AI and cutting-edge tech solutions, to deliver the best media content in a new end-to-end managed supply suite. The website summarizes Growthland’s main production areas.

Digital Content

Bringing together art and science to create captivating digital assets for the health, sports and entertainment, auto and mobility, and banking industries.


Extraordinary fictional storytelling series for your brand in a Hollywood VFX quality production, guided by engaging storytelling, using the best open talent, creativity and production. All envisioned in 3D locations and adaptable to the following asset types:

Ads guided by thrilling storytelling and great actors with the most inspiring 3D locations.
Explore Growthland’s commercials.

Aligned with the brands’ business strategies, told with great actors and A cast of main characters in the most inspiring virtual 3D settings and real worldwide locations.
Explore Growthland’s documentaries.

Digital video concepts for brands and products that meet daily communication needs and for their social and digital channel presence, with affordable budgets to scale.
Explore Growthland’s conceptuals.


Live Experiences

A new and disruptive event experience for your company, driven by technology and unconventional set-ups, with three innovative options.

Sparks privileged
A once-in-a-lifetime inspirational experience in a premium and private environment for brands to create a memorable occasion. With top leaders and influencers, chosen from Growthland’s exclusive roster, to foresee the future. Hosted in private and exclusive locations, along with premium activities.
Explore Growthland’s Spark Privileged Live Experiences.

OnWave Summits
An unparalleled opportunity to lead the disruption vision of today’s business with outstanding storytelling based on hot business and innovation topics, with world-class speakers and workshops to look deeper into the present market. Accompanied by interactive activities, media coverage and on-stage presence.
Explore Growthland’s OnWave Summits.

Privileged experiences
Taking businesses to the next level, by unveiling the secrets of a new territory and the hidden potential of their teams. An exclusive ad-hoc experience, turning a briefing into an unforgettable moment. A journey of enrichment with talks, workshops and meetings to discover new potential for your company. All mixed with learning from the local culture.
Explore Growthland’s Privileged Experiences.

Immersive content

An artistic set-up to talk about your brand from a different perspective with 3D photo-realistic scenarios or VR technology, combining non-linear immersive stories and phygital experiences mixing the real and digital worlds together.

VR Stories
Non-linear and interactive storytelling. Real acting in stereoscope with 3D scenarios in a VFX pipeline. An artistic set-up to talk about your brand from a different perspective with 3D photo-realistic scenarios with real acting. Delivered to be shown at venues and events, as well as in 360º players, VR glasses and apps with cardboards.
Explore Growthland’s VR Stories.

Phygital instalations
A new reality where the medium and the message blend into a unique space for brands, combining our flexible production toolkit, adaptable to any canvas format, with an excellent network of creative talent.
Explore Growthland’s Phygital Installations

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