//Welcome to Zela, the zero latency world, for good
Monday, 21 September / 2020

Welcome to Zela, the zero latency world, for good

NTT Disruption has launched a new website to communicate one of its key product offerings: Zela.  It Is an initiative that unleashes a zero latency world for faster and better business applications, in proud partnership with , market leader of FPGA acceleration technology.

The webpage summarizes how both companies are leading the ambitious technological and digital transformation in healthcare, fintech, data & analytics, automotive, insurance, energy, sports & media, and retail. Together, they are applying accelerated capabilities to enable real-time and adaptable applications in different use cases throughout the various industries.

What is the zero latency world?

Imagine a world where waiting is no longer a factor. With Zela, this is possible.  It provides the opportunity to exchange information faster than ever. Its hyperacceleration capabilities  can change the world for good.

Zela delivers a world where technology helps experts anticipate the future, before it happens. Where machines talk to each other, in milli-seconds, to re-create mobility. Where ups and downs are predicted at a blink of an eye. Where sports fans live their dream experience in and outside the stadium.

Zela offers automatic and efficient exchange of information for faster business decisions. It delivers more precise patient care thanks to video analytics and machine learning. It provides real time-to-insight for industries and companies with real-time big data processing, and accelerated computing. It facilitates a more secure fintech ecosystem, through accelerated anti- money laundering capabilities  that can detect 130x faster than other solutions. All thanks to the magic of hyperacceleration technology -like FPGA- and accelerated computing for big data processing.

Zela’s acceleration capabilities enable real-time and adaptable applications to improve people’s lives, whilst promoting a smarter, cost effective,  adaptable, and intelligent future.

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Zela’s domains:

Use cases: improving people’s lives with acceleration technology

NTT Disruption and Xilinx are already improving people’s lives in the areas of healthcare, fintech and big data & analytics, with the following use cases:

Healthcare: Safer patient care thanks to VPO

NTT Disruption is working closely with Xilinx to develop a disruptive and innovative Virtual Patient Observation (VPO) solution that contributes towards the construction of Smart Hospitals. In collaboration with The Heart Institute (InCor) from the Clinical Hospitals, University of São Paulo Medical School and everis Braszil, they are testing this solution designed to make healthcare practitioner’s daily work easier, while improving care quality and patient experience.

Virtual Patient observation (VPO) is a personalized and highly effective patient care solution. It uses the Xilinx Alveo platform for video and machine learning acceleration to monitor the patients 24/7, sending alerts to healthcare practitioners in real time.  Healthcare practitioners, nurses and medical staff daily work can be easier, thanks to a proactive supervision, personalized monitoring, staff optimization and fast response. All in one friendly interface.

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Fintech: detecting fraud with accelerated AML 130x faster than before

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is NTT Disruption’s and Xilinx’s cutting-edge technology platform that identifies the existence, nature, source, ownership, location, and disposition of property derived from fraudulent transactions. Then, it flags them for expert analysis.

AML uses Fuzzy Match Levenshtein distance, a string metric that finds similarities in operations against the Deny Lists established by governments or regulators. In a fraction of a second, accelerated AML can check 6 million entry lists while current systems analyze 10,000 entries only. AML is 130x faster than other systems. It can validate de transaction as it takes place.

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Big Data & Analytics: better performance with Bigstream

Thanks to NTT Disruption, Xilinx adaptable FPGAs and Bigstream’s Apache Spark zero code change, companies are achieving better performance on big data & analytics, reaching insights 10 times faster at 40% reduced infrastructure costs. The power of hyperacceleration technology leverages the potential of programmable hardware -GPUS or FPGAs- and software optimizations with many-core CPUs. Additionally, data scientist’s productivity can achieve higher outcomes with an automatic exchange of information, enabling a smarter and more intelligent time-to-insight.

NTT Disruption, Xilinx and Bigstream bring together a new generation of highly adaptable hyperacceleration solutions, to enable faster business decisions.

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Applying acceleration capabilities to enable real-time & adaptable applications to improve people’s lives.

Welcome to  Zela.

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About Xilinx
Founded in 1984 and led by Victor Peng, Xilinx is the inventor of the FPGA, programmable SoCs, and now, the ACAP. Its highly-flexible programmable silicon, enabled by a suite of advanced software and tools, drives rapid innovation across a wide span of industries and technologies – from consumer to cars to the cloud. Xilinx delivers the most dynamic processing technology in the industry, enabling rapid innovation with its adaptable, intelligent computing.

About NTT Disruption
NTT Disruption was launched by NTT Inc. in 2019 to create and develop new disruptive solutions leveraging exponential technologies that produce an impact on people’s lives for good. It works with key players of different fields to co-create, co-validate and co-accelerate disruptive assets to “create today, what really matters for tomorrow”. Currently NTT Disruption is working in new solutions in Cognitive Social Agents, Liquid Platforms and Phygital Spaces. For more information, visit NTT Disruption website.